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Social Dialogue #25

The International Association of Schools of Social Work

Social Dialogue is published by The International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW). It is the copyright of IASSW and published three times a year and distributed worldwide.

Website: socialdialogue.online

ISSN: 2221-352X


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President's Report
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Covid-19: A sign of the transgression of the human-animal boundary and rising greenhouse gas emissions
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Navigating doctoral studies during a pandemic: Our experience as a bubble of two
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Social work education in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic
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‘Kindness prevails’: A view on the efforts of social work educational institutions in South India during the COVID-19 pandemic
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An Eco-Social Work approach to community resilience during the Covid 19 Pandemic
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突发公共卫生事件中的知识供给—— “疫情救助中的哀伤辅导实务系列课程”公益项目
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Flipped learning: A Call for Paradigm Shift in terms of Social Work Education

Edited by

Michael Wallengren-Lynch Dr Michael Wallengren-Lynch, Malmö University, Sweden
Lena DominelliProfessor Lena Dominelli, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
tara-larrisonDr Tara Earls Larrison, University of Illinois, United States of America
beth-archerDr Beth Archer-Kuhn,
University of Calgary, Canada
Henglien Lisa ChenDr Henglien Lisa Chen,
University of Sussex, United Kingdom
marta-biancaProfessor Marta Blanco,
University of Madrid, Spain