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World Social Work Day - March 2022
IASSW President

Prof. Annamaria Campanini
President, International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)

President's report

Dear Colleagues,
I would like my message to update you on the progress with the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development and the upcoming World Social Work Dayin March 2022. As you know, the overarching framework for the 2020-2030 Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development is focusing on ‘Co-building Inclusive Social Transformation’. Through a process of consultation chaired by Abye Tasse with key contributions from our IASSW representatives in the joint task force, Antoinette Lombard and Angie Yuen we now have the three pillars defined. The first one is ‘ Ubuntu: Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness ’, and the second one is ‘ Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind ’.

Pillar one, was launched this year with the 2021 World Social Work Day and as we have our Global Agenda themes for two years, 2022 should also focus on this theme. Pillar two will also run into 2022 due to delay from COVID-19 restrictions so that the focus of the 2022 World Social Work Day and poster (launched on 22 November 2021), will be on ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving no one behind’ with the idea is that we integrate the Ubuntu with theme two. In fact, Ubuntu is not only an underpinning principle of pillar two of the Global Agenda, but also of the ten-year Global Agenda. For 2022 we will conclude our data collection and report on theme one and continue with data collection on theme two the next year.

Our IASSW representatives on the Global Agenda’s Task Force, Antoinette Lombard and Angie Yuen, will draft an outline for documenting our contributions for the regional and global report on the Global Agenda themes because it is important to ensure that the voice of social work education is well integrated in the regional activities and reports.

The outline(s) for these reports (to guide the collection of data) will be discussed at the next meeting of the Global Taskforce. The outcome will be tabled in our agenda of the upcoming IASSW Board meeting in January, 2022. After consulting with the Board members feedback and the inputs will be taken to the Global Task Force for consolidation.

We will inform all the members after the Board meeting, so this will leave sufficient time for the World Social Work Day’s planning on 15 March 2022.

We invite all of you to provide information on the World Social Work Day and engagement with the Global Agenda by 30 March 2022, through your regional representatives or also directly to us.

I’m also proud to announce the Global summit: ‘Co-Building a New Eco-social World: Leaving No One Behind’ that will take place on line from 29 June to 2 July 2022 in collaboration with ICSW, IFSW, UNRISD and many other global organizations. The summit partners include world’s trade unions, health sectors, Faith Invest network, global student bodies, international social work, United Nation’s agencies, social movements, academic/educational networks and many others. The summit, emerging from the pandemic and the climate crisis, will bring together individuals and communities, along with global organizations to co-build a combined global conversation on the creation of globally shared values for a new eco-social world that leaves no one behind.

The people’s global summit will provide space for individuals as well as for groups to advance their ideas and provide a platform for engagement across different cultures, diverse lived experiences, professional groups, and perspectives. All contributions will shape the Global Values Declaration for a new eco-social world that will be delivered to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in July 2022 and will create a catalyst for further global action.

The summit partners have collectively agreed on a set of mutual values as a starting point to inspire new ideas and contributions. These clusters of values aim to represent diverse cultures, philosophies, and interests across the world. They will steer us forward in our tasks of developing globally shared values for a new eco-social world that leaves no one behind.

These steering values are:

IASSW will take collectively responsibility to include the voice of social work educators on social work, but we invite all of you to be a part of this event. The registration is now open, and we want your contributions in this mass movement for change (https://newecosocialworld.com/register/).

I now invite you to read this latest edition of Social Dialogue focusing on The Pandemic that Shook Social Work Education

Annamaria Campanini