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Carolyn Noble, PhD

Welcome to Social Dialogue Issue 19

Again, we are pleased to launch the 19th edition of social dialogue with the focus on Art and Social Work. The call for articles resulted in an overwhelming response as you will see from this edition and we are very pleased with the result.

Professor Ephrat Huss from Israel is Guest Editor and along with her colleague Professor Eltje Boss have gathered an impressive array of articles. Through their academic work and research in the use of Art in Social Work as a teaching, engagement practice and research methodology we can see how Art and various forms of creativity such as drama, theatre, photovoice can enhance the work of practitioners and academics who work with vulnerable communities and explore ways to analyse and address the social issues they face in their daily lives. As relatively new approach to practice this edition highlights the many circumstances in which the use of creatively can enhance the well-being of people and communities offering a new approach to practice that engages directly with the very people experiencing problems in their lives. Enjoy!