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IASSW President

Prof. Annamaria Campanini
President, International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)

President's report

Dear Colleagues, We are presenting a very exciting volume of Social Dialogue online magazine and I’m sure that it will offer a lot of suggestions to improve our teaching and practice in social work. The last quarter was marked by several significant activities of IASSW. I would like to highlight the work done by the task force on the ethical guidelines, the preparation for the elections and the Dublin conference, my participation to many different conferences and the important activities related to World Social Work Day . Also, this year the world Social work day has been celebrated in different parts of the world with many initiatives focusing on the third pillar of the Global Agenda: Working toward environmental and community sustainability.

It is important to underline that this year we have had one more UN headquarters involved. In Geneva (20/21 March) the two days activities were concentrated on “Social Work and Youth: Towards Inclusive Sustainable Development”, in New York (26 March) the initiative was focused on “SDGs, climate change and social work practice.”

The organization of the World Social Work day in Bangkok (28 March) on “Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability Onward” has been important to involve a new UN Headquarter in the world and give more visibility to social work at international level.

In both New York and Bangkok I’ve had the occasion to participate in meetings with social work teachers of different universities. In New York Lynn Healey organized a symposium on “International Curriculum for All: A Faculty Roundtable Discussion” and Decha Sungakwan in Bangkok took the initiative of signing a memorandum of cooperation between different social actors representing academic and profession organisations.

Looking forward to meeting many of you in Dublin in the next July for the International Conference, all my best wishes

Annamaria Campanini