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Prof. Annamaria Campanini
President, International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)

President's report

Dear colleagues, It is a great pleasure to introduce this volume that is focusing on Human trafficking and modern slavery. Social work needs to pay more attention to this phenomenon and work at different levels:to acknowledge the global factors that contribute to determine it and support the victims of this process. As always Social Dialogues will offer reflections and experiences that will be helpful in introducing our students into this topic. Thank you to all those who have contributed to this 20th edition of this value publication. Let me also take some space to let you know what IAASW has been up to in its mission to further social work education across the globe.

Dublin Conference-July 2018

First of all is important to quote the Dublin conference and the connected General Assembly. The participation of IASSW members has been very large. In our booth, thank to the work of Lynn Healey and Rashmi Pandey a presentation of the 90 years of IASSW history was displayed. A book that collects the Younghusband lectures (edited by Carolyn Noble) was also presented and sold.

During the conference, Prof. Dr Mel Gray presented the Eilein Younghusband lecture and Prof. Dr. Marida Yamamoto (Brazil) the Katherine Kendall award lecture. The results of the election of the Treasurer and 2 members at large were announced. For the 4 years term- 2018-2022, Prof. Tan Ngoh Tiong (Singapore) will cover the role of Treasurer and Prof. Augusta Yetunde Olaore (Nigeria) and Prof.Shajahan P. K. (India) will participate to the Board as Member –at-large. While we congratulate these new entries, we want to thank Prof. Mark Henrikson, Prof. Linda Kreitzer and Prof. Hernando Munoz for the contribution that they have given to our Association.

The assembly has expressed its appreciation for the work done by the President, the Officers and the Board in this difficult period and given mandate to continue in this direction. Both IASSW and IFSW General Assembly had approved the Ethical Principles, prepared by the joint task force (IASSW-IFSW) although in a brief version. We have uploaded a larger version translated in the 5 languages on the website. It has been a long process, but finally we got an interesting document, thanks to the incredible effort of Chair Prof. Vishanthie Sewpaul and all the task force members. Now we expect that in any school will be a discussion of the document and that we look at this document as a working paper that can be expanded at regional or national level and we would like that feedback will be discussed in the next conference in Rimini 2020.

A new task force will now work on the revision process of the Global Standard of Social Work Education. A very important step toward a stronger and loyal cooperation at tripartite level with IFSW and ICSW has been the election of the new President Silvana Martinez from Argentina. Together we have discussed the future of our common engagement and decided that the three Presidents will all be present at both the conference in 2020 in Rimini and in Calgary.

Rimini Conference-June 2020

As you all must be aware of that 2020 conference will be organised in two different locations: Rimini 28/6- 1/7 by IASSW and ICSW with the title: Promoting Human Relationship: Bridging the future! (www.swesd2020.org) and in Calgary by IFSW in July. The Rimini conference will be focused on social work education and social policy, so we hope that there will be a larger space for our academics to share ideas and discuss about curricula, teaching methodologies, researches! We have circulated a request to consider Sponsorship opportunities. We hope that you would be active partner in supporting the organizers to find good sponsors!!!

IASSW Board Meeting-January 2019

In Tokyo IASSW had organized the Annual Board Meeting (11/13 January 2019) with the great support of Prof. Junko Wake and the Japanese Association of Schools of social work. Many important decisions have been taken to enhance the effectiveness and the efficacy of our organization: moving a financial management to a cheaper option, create fund raising opportunities, revamp the website, consider the possibility to hire a person to assist the organization in the public communication and strategic priorities.

Reports and programs of the different committees have been discussed. Once more we invite every member who would like to contribute more actively to joint in the activities. We need more people committed in developing a strong educator’s community to enhance the excellence in social work education.

Tripartite Meeting- February 2019

During the Tripartite meeting in London (3/4 February2019) the future of the Global Agenda has been discussed with David Jones and there was an agreement on how to proceed to collect the Reports of the 4th Pillar Promoting Human Relationship that will be the leitmotif of 2019/2020 World Social Work Days and how to start the process to develop the new Global Agenda. Abey Tasse has been proposed by IASSW as a future coordinator of the 2020/2030 initiative and all the partner have accepted. Together with ICSW we have launched a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Rimini2020/ and a dedicated address : [email protected] where you can send your suggestions. This is a very important process, so please involve your students and your colleagues in sending ideas and feedback.

Request to participate: IASSW – World Census of Social Work Education Programs – 2020 Directory Every ten years, the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) conducts a world census of social work education programs offering at least one degree program in social work. The major outcome of the census is a directory of contact details for all social work education programs in the world.

In the year 2000, the directory contained details of 1384 programs from 114 countries and in 2010 it grew to include 2110 social work degree sites in 125 countries. By 2020 we are aiming to include every social work training institution in the world.

We need your help so that we can include as many social work training institutions in the world as possible. Please share the link: iassw-aiets world census with your networks.

More activities

Looking forward to continue our cooperation, all my best wishes.

Annamaria Campanini