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IASSW President

Prof. Annamaria Campanini
President, International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)

President's report

It is really a great pleasure to present this issue on social work education in Latin America.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Brazil, Mexico and Chile participating in conferences and meeting colleagues from different schools and I’ve always found these visits to be very interesting and rewarding experiences.

For IASSW to be a truly international association of schools of social work implies a huge effort to give voice to every region of the world. To do this properly requires us to recognized the many obstacles due to language barriers. We have lot to share and to learn from each other and for this reason we need to develop an intercultural attitude.

The traditional power imbalance between the North and South as well as the dominance of Western world-views over diverse local and indigenous cultural perspectives, need to be redressed through international dialogue and partnership based on principles of equality, mutual respect, cultural relevance and reflexivity.

We can genuinely learn and benefit from each other, despite or moreover thanks to our differences, especially if our approach is grounded in an awareness, respect and sensitivity to the cultural context of the other.

Critical reflection is also an important aspect that has to be practiced in these exchanges to reach a good balance between the creation of an international vision and understanding of social work and the need to respond with a locally based practice respectful of the specific history, culture, knowledge and demands.

We are committed to enhance this dialogue and to use all the means that we have to foster a continuously active platform for realise our mission to promote excellence in social work education around the world. Enjoy this English and Spanish edition of our latest social dialogue Magazine.

With warm regards,

Annamaria Campanini