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carolyn Noble

Carolyn Noble, PhD

Welcome to Social Dialogue Issue 18

Welcome to our latest edition of IASSW's open access, online social issue magazine. This edition, an initiative of our colleagues Helle Strauss (Denmark) and Carolina Muñoz-Guzmán (Chile), has both an English and Spanish version. Given the rich history of social work in Latin America and the difficulties language barriers create in sharing knowledge across this barrier we undertook the task of seeking contributions from this region and with the help of Paula Salazar all the articles submitted were translated from Spanish to English. We think this initiative will open our access to a broader community of scholars and we will be pleased to receive your response.

This issue makes our eighteenth (18th) edition of this magazine and if you go to our link (and last page in this edition) you can see the many issues already canvassed. Each issue has a specific and contemporary topic and by inviting an international scholar to gather articles, photos, practice examples and research outcomes we get contributions from colleagues across the globe who are thinking, researching and working in that specific field. As you can see from our efforts so far, social workers are global in their impact and reach.

We have a rich line up of articles in preparation for 2018 and I hope to see some of you at the IASSW 2018 Global conference in Dublin in July. Enjoy!